Norway’s highlights

This will be my first English post, I hope you like it :). Last week Oscar and I were in Drammen, Hemsedal, Hoddevik and Jotunheimen in one week. To start with I’d like to say that if you want to visit any of these places, stay for more than two days! We’ve been to Drammen and Hemsedal many times before, My dad lives in Drammen and my brother in Hemsedal. Therefore we didn’t stay for more than two days. If it’s your first time, these places deserves a visit on its own. And the same goes to Hoddevik and Jotunheimen. We just got so excited about going to all these places that we completely forgot about that we might want to stay longer.



When in Drammen we went to ”Drammen Skisenter”. Oscar rode his mountain bike downhill and I ran uphill. This is what I like a lot about ski centers, that you can take the ski lift down if you have any reason for not wanting to run downhill, but still want to gain a lot of meters uphill. The cool thing here was that there were a lot of really nice trails next to the slopes and ski lifts. Some were both hiking trails and for bikes downhills, so you had to watch your step. I decided to run an interval session, 3 times up the slope, one in trail and 2 on dirt road. They were about:

2km and 225-250m of elevation x3.




On the way down one of the trails I noticed a really cool gully (I’m not sure I’m using that word right), ”Bäckravin” in Swedish. We ate lunch at the parking lot, drank coffee, rested a bit and then hiked up it, Kjøsterudgjuvet. Really worth a visit, really cool place were you are rewarded with a lake at the top and you can take the ski lift down, which we did.





I’ve been to Hemsedal a hundred times, my brother lives there and therefore we’re here during the winter and summer. There are many really nice hikes there, but my main mission when going there is to do hikes/runs I haven’t done before or run uphill intervals. So, the first day we did one of the ”top 20” hikes, Buaknupen. Which I realized was a really good ”runners hike”. It started with a 4km flat dirt road (if you want a shorter hike, you can take the bike on this road). Then it was basically just straight up for 1km, less incline again for a couple of kilometer to finish with a steep incline again. It was runable for at least half of it, the whole thing if you’re really used to running uphill.



Day 2 I contacted a friend that recommended a route that I haven’t done before in Hemsedal. You start in Torset, and hike up a trail on the left to the peak ”Totten”, go around it and then we ran down ”turisten”, the least steep skislope. The hike starts with a steep incline of approximately 450m of elevation. After that it was 2-3km runable part, with the last incline before another flat part and then all the way downhill again.


Second session I did one of my standard sessions when in Hemsedal and don’t really know what to do. Up ”Sentrumløypa”. A skislope with a 14% incline,only 1km from my brothers house.

5km and 530m of elevation up. (I accidentally turned of the watch on the way down).



Just driving thru Norway is beautiful, the sceneries are amazing.



The little place called Hoddevik. This place was so cute. You drove on this tiny tarmac rode for kilometers that only fitted one car. Up mountains and down in valleys again before finally entering the last road that has to zick-zack its way down in the valley. The mountains stretch up on each side of the valley. The road is still tiny and there are only a few houses on each side. It only goes one way, towards the beach where it eventually stops at a small house and camping. There are only 37 spots on the camping and we were lucky to get the last one, so tip, book this beforehand. The camping was right next to the beach were the surfers fought to catch the waves.


Yes, that’s the camping.

It was Oscar’s 30th birthday and we had driven all day. So it was time for an adventure. The waves were small so he wanted to hike instead. If you stand on the beach, facing the ocean we went up on the left side, right next to the beach. A not so clear patch and a bit sketchy. On the top the fog started to make it harder for us to find our way, on the almost non existing path. So we decided to take it easy, walk most of it to find the right and safe way back, which we of course did. I would not really recommend this hike, but on the other hand, Oscar loved it, so maybe you will too 🙂


HODDEVIK – Mosekleivhornet

Day 2 and it was time to go up the mountain on the other side. It started with a nice hike, 1km and 400m straight up. The view from the beach says that it will be very technical and stony terrain when you get to the top, but in reality it’s the opposite. It’s like a meadow plateau, with narrow paths to run on. Really beautiful. From there we ran around a bit before running back on the plateau toward the beginning of the the road that takes you down to Hoddevik. A really nice route worth taking and the views are just amazing.



If you want peace and quiet, Hoddevik is the places to go. You can be active and hike, run, surf and so on. But besides that, there’s nothing else. The beautiful thing is that you don’t need anything else. When being active for a couple of hours a day, you’re happy with doing nothing. And at a place like this were there are no other possibilities then to hang out, read a book, eat food, drink a beer or two. It’s peaceful. A tip if you want to go here, bring everything you need for the time being there. There are no stores here, water yes, but nothing to buy.


We just drove by Stryn, but wow how cool this place looks. I will definitely go here one day.


Norway’s highest point, we just had to go. A very touristy hike with a lot of people on the mountain and a trail that is as wide as it gets. We started the hike in the afternoon which was a good choice if you know that the weather will be good and you know how fast you go. I want to say that this is not for everyone!!! Please, be safe! We had a plan to do it in 4 hours so we knew that we had 3 hours to spare before the sun set. It was great, we met a lot of people that were on their way down the mountains, but few up. So when we where at the top we were all alone, it was a pretty cool feeling.

We stayed in Lom, at the camping site ”Nissegården”. Our plan was to go to Besseggen the day after so we wanted to spare some driving time the morning after. If we would do it again, we would stay in the bottom of Galdhøpiggen, were we started our hike, in Spiterstulen. The car drive up there was on narrow dirt road for 40min. So if you’re going there you mind as well stay the night.





With tired legs we packed up the tent in Lom and drove the remaining 70minutes to Gjendesheim to walk the famous Besseggen. As usual we don’t want to do things like everyone else does. With the help from my duper Norwegian friend, Hilde, we found a route that we wanted to go. Besseggen is this long ridge next to the green coloured Gjende water. On the other side, 400m higher up than Gjende is Bessvatnet that has a dark blue colour. Nature is so cool.


The hike ”normally” start in Gjendesheim, goes up on Besseggen to Memurubu and either camp there or take the ferry back. From there you can continue the hike. We only had one day so we wanted to make the most of it. We hiked along Gjende, a relative flat trail just next to the water for 10km and 300m of elevation, so really not that flat. A really beautiful hike and runable trail, very technical but runable. The plan was to run the first 10km and hike the rest. But after 2km we decided to hike it instead, tired legs didn’t want to run today :). There were loads of places to go in the water on the way and there were barely any people on it, so I highly recommend this trail. From Memurubu the amount of people on the trails drastically increased together with the incline. Unfortunately this trail is not in good shape. Thousands of people hike it every year and it has its price. Besseggen was really beautiful but it hurts to recommend it due to the damage to it. There are other trails in the area which I hope is in better shape. The area is worth visiting but places like this won’t last if our imprints cut in too deep.



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  1. Amazing place, amazing activitiy and well written. Loved the way experience and activity was shared but more than that, loved the photos. Norway for sure is one of the most beautiful places, combine that with such activities… I can only imagine. Thanks for sharing your experience (specially in English) 🙂 .Cheers and good luck for your next activity 🙂



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